Thursday, 16 November 2017


they met in a land of missed connections
in the year of bad timing.
he came from the clouds or
the mountains, high on expectations
but jangling with tambourine dreams
and too much energy.
she revealed herself one sentence at a time.

he was never still but very deep,
so deep she stuck to the shallows
for fear of drowning. “i’m not used
to travelling such long distances”
she said, making him ache in places
he had been ignoring for a long time too.

the laws of nature are elusive, so
when they danced, they danced to music
with a strong melody line and an
irregular beat. and when he fell apart
she patched him up, but the pieces were
deeply broken, some left behind with
old friends, in pawn shops and in
cemeteries, so she never really found him.

and when it wasn’t easy she grew hard,
falling again into a well of bad habits. while
he searched in vain for a lifeline all he
found were more needles.
there was some suspicion of a demons plot,
but forgetting the rhetoric she tucked him
under a cautious blanket, on the longest night
and pretending the ease of an opera diva
watched the closing credits roll.